Lithium-Ion Battery electronics

2. Lithium-Ion Batteries

Coating the current.

The Silq Solution

Silq improves commercial polyolefin separators' performance in lithium-ion batteries, increasing the battery's effective capacity and extending its lifespan. The treatment can also be tailored to allow the use of novel electrolytes that had been previously ineffective because of their incompatibility with hydrophobic separator materials.

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The Silq surface treatment technique is a published method used to increase the hydrophilicity of polyolefin separators resulting in an increase in initial battery capacity and prolonging its lifespan. We have also demonstrated the viability of a branch of non-flammable electrolytes, but widespread use had been prevented by a poor interaction with commercial separators. The Silq treated separators open up the door for the development of a new generation of safe electrolytes.

In the video below are two separators, one commercial standard and the other treated with Silq. A novel non-flammable electrolyte is poured over these two separator samples - the current commercial standard is entirely unwetted by this electrolyte, meaning that any battery made would be non-functional while the Silq treated separator is immediately and entirely wetted by this electrolyte.

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