Smart meets smooth.

Silicone is a key material that we find in goods and devices the world over, from medical devices to cooking utensils to cell phone cases. Its outstanding flexibility, strength, thermal properties, gas permeability, chemical resistance, and biocompatibility make it a prime choice for a wide array of applications that aid our lives every day.

However, silicone does have its drawbacks. Its inherent tackiness attracts dirt and oils in the environment and bacteria and fungus when placed in the body (often leading to infection), which leads us to our main concern: silicone is difficult to coat.

The Silq Solution

We've engineered Silq to form permanent covalent bonds with the underlying silicone and resist hydrophobic recovery.
The application is rapid, performed under ambient conditions, and does not require exotic reaction conditions or toxic chemicals, resulting in competitive economics, ease of scale up to commercial quantities, environmentally friendly operations, and safer next-generation silicone parts and devices.

Read More About Our Technology in Our Advanced Materials Publication

  1. 01. Biofilm Resistance
  2. 02. Biocompatible
  3. 03. Anti-Thrombogenic
  4. 04. Low CoF
  5. 05. Non-Tack
  6. 06. Hydrophilic