Change the (sur)face of the world.

Our patented treatment permanently transforms the surface properties of plastic and elastomeric materials through cutting-edge technology, making them more lubricious, hygienic, and suitable for a greater variety of applications. Be it healthcare, energy, water, or industry, Silq is revolutionizing surfaces as we know them.

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Silq surface technology can be applied rapidly under ambient conditions using environmentally benign solvents and requires no pretreatment to be implemented in high-volume manufacturing systems and roll-to-roll processing.

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as smooth as Silq.

Silq is a proprietary biocompatible surface treatment that modifies a substrate without changing its bulk properties. The resulting surface can be customized to deliver any combination of properties including biofilm resistance, anti-thrombogenicity, microbial resistance, low coefficient of friction, enhanced hydrophilicity and more

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