Change the (sur)face of the world.

Our patented treatment permanently transforms the surface properties of plastic and elastomeric materials through cutting-edge technology, making them more lubricious, hygienic, and suitable for a greater variety of applications. Be it healthcare, energy, water, or industry, Silq is revolutionizing surfaces as we know them.

Make your materials
as smooth as Silq.

Silq is a proprietary biocompatible surface treatment that modifies a substrate without changing its bulk properties. The resulting surface can be customized to deliver any combination of properties including biofilm resistance, anti-thrombogenicity, microbial resistance, low coefficient of friction, enhanced hydrophilicity and more. Silq surface technology can be applied rapidly under ambient conditions and requires no pretreatment to be implemented in high-volume manufacturing systems and roll-to-roll processing.

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Introducing Silq's ClearTract® Indwelling Foley Catheters

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ClearTract® Catheter Product Brochure

"I have said it more than once, but I won’t use any other catheter out there, I will do everything possible to make sure I don’t use any other. If Silq made this big of a change in my  quality of life, I can only imagine how many other lives it can and has impacted. I have spoken to other Silq users and they feel the same way I do.  I wish there was a way to let every single person that is in need know that there is new technology out there other that what most facilities offer."

-Dulce Garcia, Silq ClearTract Patient (July 2023)

"I have been using the Silq ClearTract catheters in my neurogenic bladder patients who use chronic indwelling suprapubic tubes (SPT). These are a population of patients that are at high risk for infections, colonization and the SPT often will get clogged/encrusted. Since I have been using the Silq ClearTract catheters, not only have we seen a decrease in symptomatic infection, but also a decrease in obstruction and leaking from the catheter becoming clogged with sediment and debris."

-Jennifer Linehan, M.D. Urologic Oncology, St. John Cancer Institute

ClearTract® Patient & Clinician Testimonials